High Intensity FRIDAY

Do you think Fridays are for relaxing?


Here’s an AWESOME HIIT workout. The first round you’ll think it’s easy, but the second round you’ll be gasping for breath. I promise.

Make sure you have AS LITTLE rest as possible to get the full effect of this circuit! Perform it 3-5 times a week (3 if you only workout 5 times a week, 5 if you workout 7) for full results.Chey.PNG

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, and try to keep your heart rate up!

Is anyone like me and struggles to get your heart rate above 150? No matter what I do I never ever ever am over 175! Does anyone know why that is??




Wow, cannot believe this is my third (or is it fourth?) post of the day.

First, some awesome news: my boyfriend, who had surgery in October, is FINALLY cleared to get back to working out! And by a stroke of luck, I started my “transformation” only a week before him, so we’re in this together! Stay tuned for a joint blog and/or Instagram. He’s super knowledgeable when it comes to fitness, so he’s going to be a great addition to the fitness community! Unfortunately guys, he doesn’t run. I know, it was almost a deal breaker for me….. But he’s a really incredible biker, so I settled. ­čśë

A lot of friends of mine from college, work, high school, etc. are getting into fitness now, which is GREAT! I hate people who discourage and/or mock people who are trying to make a change with their lives. Of course, some stuff should stay off social media (personally, all of my social media accounts aren’t fitness-based at all), but if someone wishes to share their journey then I 100% support them.

This being said, I’ve noticed SO MANY of these girls are not eating to fuel their bodies at all. They think eating a handful of spinach with a hardboiled egg is considered a nutritious and fueling lunch (am I the only one who cringed while reading that?). Now, I grew up with parents who were always very into healthy eating- my father is a chef who specializes in nutritional meals, and my mother is a nutritional baker (and the only person who can replace oils and sugars and butter with applesauce and greek yogurt and somehow make it taste BETTER), so luckily I’ve always been exposed to awesome meals that are extremely healthy. I cringe when I watch people eat plain brown rice with plain chicken breast. WHERE IS THE SEASONING?

So before I show you what I had for lunch, I want to be clear on my eating habits. I used to eat “american style”- big breakfast, small lunch, big dinner (and of course snacks in between), but I work for a German company and was exposed to the European culture, which is a big breakfast, big lunch, and a small dinner. Changing to this lifestyle did WONDERS for my weight, my health, and my energy. So here’s what I had for lunch today. (Lucky for me, I work at a healthcare company, so a huge focus in the cafe is “FIT” foods):


This beautiful creation you see above is Beef and Lentil Bolognese with Roasted Potatoes and LOTS of spices (garlic, red pepper flakes, pepper… the list goes on and on), and of course, parm cheese. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t put parm cheese on their food for a fear of adding extra calories, then you are crazy and need to stop that right now. PARM CHEESE IS AMAZING.

Do you think this tastes as good as I think it tastes? WELL I HAVE GREAT NEWS. I asked the chef for the recipe, and within 20 minutes he emailed it to me and now I am the lucky owner of one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had. And lucky for you, I’m willing to share!

1/4 cup Oil, Olive
3/4 pound Onions, Yellow, Fresh, Diced
1/2 pound Carrots, Fresh, Diced
1 pound Beef, Ground, 80/20, Raw
1/4 cup Garlic Cloves, Peeled, Fresh, Minced
1/4 cup Seasoning, Italian
1/2 cup Tomato Paste, Canned
3 quart Tomato Puree, Canned
1 tsp Salt, Kosher
1/2 tsp Spice, Pepper, Black, Ground
12 ounce Ingredient: Cooked Lentils
2 tbsp Vinegar, Balsamic
In a large pan, heat olive oil and saute the onions and carrots until soft and onions are golden, about 10 minutes. Add the ground beef and cook until fully cooked. Add the garlic and Italian seasoning and cook a minute. Add the tomato paste and cook stirring until the paste is caramelized, about 5 minutes. Add the tomato puree or crushed tomatoes and season with salt and black pepper. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, cook the lentils until very tender. Drain and crush slightly by pulsing in a food processor. Add to sauce and season with balsamic vinegar.Portion size: 1 cup


I cannot wait to make this this weekend. Anyone else try an awesome recipe today? I’m always looking for new recipes!


Anyone in need of a fun LSD playlist?

I am the type of person that loves to do EVERYTHING alone- except running. And as luck would have it, I don’t have a single runner friend in my area, so nothing beats a solid LSD playlist.

I’ve mentioned in my last posts that I’ve been super injured lately, and tomorrow I’m hoping to get back into it. I’ve been cross training so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up where I left off on my training plan, which means that tomorrow is a 10 mile run…. and due to the freezing cold and snowy weather here in NJ, it’s looking like my run is going to be on a treadmill…. And this is how I feel about that:


Need some treadmill LSD run tips? Check out this awesome blogger who is a treadmill long run PRO: How to Survive Long Runs on the Treadmill.

Now, for my playlist. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’ve got some embarrassing songs on here, but I love singing along in my head as I go.

Black Magic- Little Mix

War Paint- Fletcher (also GREAT for tempo runs that are above race pace!)

Sugar- Maroon 5 (usually my warm-up song)

Made in Gold- Nova Rockafeller

Ugly Heart- G.R.L

Brokenhearted- Karmin

Pon de Replay- Rihanna

All Star- Smash Mouth

My House- Flo Rida

Stand by You- Rachel Platten

Stay- Kyto

Reflections- MisterWives

Bad Man- Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, Travis Barker

All Night Longer- Sammy Adams

Talking Body- Tove Lo

Hypnotize Me- Taylor Berrett


CLICK HERE to listen to this playlist on Spotify!


I love this playlist, but I’m always looking for new songs. Have any suggestions? I listen to EVERYTHING, from Disney to Screamo, so don’t be shy!



Pretending it is Wednesday (and Thursday!) for the sake of this post…

I was lazy Wednesday and didn’t do my workout until late at night, and Thursday I was SUPER busy with homework. I’d explain to you all about WHY homework is currently consuming me, but I’d rather not… I’ll let my tweet give you a rough idea:


Also, for a running blog, I’ve been slacking on the “running” aspect. I’ve been in some pain (shins and muscle) and I’ve learned the hard way that training that way does nothing but hurt you further. Hoping to get back into it by tomorrow, though!

I am pretty sure my body has turned to jello through my Bodybuilding.com plan. Did anyone else try to develop a customized plan with their super easy tool?



I’ve been MIA… But there’s a reason, I swear!

Hey guys! I apologize for being MIA, but like I said, there’s good reason! I’ve been at a training conference, learning about innovation, creativity, and brainstorming and how to integrate all of this into the workplace while reducing workplace stress. It probably sounds boring, but it was actually really really really awesome.

Anyway! I haven’t been on the run for 4 days due to that, and still suffering from those shin splints ­čśŽ However, yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and I was able to get outside and go on a long hike with my puppy. Here is a picture of him and his first ever hike:


I’ve decided I want to try to transform my body from the typical “runner body” into something much more different. I found help from a friend who introduced me to Bodybuilding.com (how did I not know how AWESOME this site is?!) which matched me up with a personalized program to transform my body. I chose a 6 week program because my half marathon is in 7 weeks and I want to have some results before that and see if I PR with a totally different body type than ever before! I just started this awesome plan and I’m PSYCHED, but please keep in mind that this is personalized towards my goals! You can always head over to Bodybuilding.com and take the quiz to find out what is best personalized for your goals. And if you end up getting the same as me, let’s be Fitness PenPals!

Interested in what I’ll be snacking on during this transformation? Check out my MyFitnessPal profile, and follow me on there if you want! It’s a brand new profile specifically tailored to my ~transformation~, so as of now it’s empty!

OH, and I almost forgot- Happy Leap Year! Is anyone a Leap Year baby? If so, when do you go out for your 21st if it is on a year that isn’t a Leap Year? I’ve always wondered.

good news

Happy running, guys! And if you can’t get a run in today, don’t feel bad, because normally you only get 365 days a year to run anyway!!


Monday Run Day

monday run day.png

I could’ve have said it much better, Saucony (by the way, everyone should invest in the Saucony DryLete headband for winter runs. I’ve been through quite a lot of running headbands and this is the only one I haven’t ripped off mid-run due to sweat! Find it here.)

Although Friday I mentioned my weekend would consist of a 3 mile pace run and an 8 miler, I decided to change things up a bit because I feel I’m beginning to plateau. Instead, Saturday I ditched the 3 mile pace run and decided to do a 2 mile uphill run. I try to avoid these at all costs because the hill I run up makes me want to quit running, but I for the first time EVER in my 7+ years of running I was able to run up the entire hill (all 2 miles) without stopping once, and I even negative split as I continued up the hill. I averaged a pace of 8:34.

Sunday I skipped my run… And yes, I am hiding my face from embarrassment as I type this. It was a beautiful day out and I decided to take my newly adopted 6 month old puppy to the dog park instead. Seeing how happy he was there totally lessened my guilt from skipping my run. Maybe seeing these pictures will help you to understand how I was feeling:


My pup Ollie is the small tan one. This Great Dane is his best bud at the dog park. You’d be surprised to know that Ollie is actually ~35 pounds. Calvin makes him look like a tiny puppy!


After about 3 hours of running around Ollie came running over to me and laid down and it was obvious that it was time to hit the road. But as soon as I get him in the car I turn around and he’s giving me these eyes which are basically saying “but mommmmmm I don’t want to leave the dog park yettttt!”


And finally, this is us around 9 pm. Clearly the dog park takes all energy out of both of us.

Anyway, to make up for missing my 8 miler yesterday I decided to split up my run into 2 parts today (normally Mondays are my cross train/strength training days). During my lunch break I did a 4.5 miler and paced a 7:33. Haven’t paced that for a casual run in a while, but it definitely helped that half a mile was entirely downhill and I was able to FINALLY run outside during my lunch! Normally I’m confined to my job’s gym treadmill.

What am I thankful for today? Rest days.

Friday is my rest day, and normally I will switch my Friday and Sundays so I have off Sunday but this week I am falling asleep at my desk at work. It’s lunch time, and normally I’ d be utilizing the free gym but today I am finding it difficult to even get out of my desk to go buy some soup.

Anyway, since today is rest day, I’m touching up my running playlists. Tomorrow is a 3 mile race-pace run and Sunday is an LSD 8 miler so I need to make sure I have the right playlists for each!

Interested in a playlist that’ll make you PR┬á without even noticing? Here’s the playlist that works for me for my sub-7:30 mile days:

Riot- 3 Days Grace

Down with the Sickness- Disturbed

The Road- Asking Alexandria

Rise Up- Testament

4 Words (To Choke Upon)- Bullet for my Valentine

Supernova- The Devil Wears Prada

Becoming- Pantera

Duality- Slipknot

Papercut- Linkin Park

Undead- Hollywood Undead

Boneless- Steve Aoki

Kyoto- Skrillex

Psychosocial- Slipknot

Sparks (Cutmore Mix)- Hilary Duff

Clarity- Zedd

Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Get Up!- Korn

Bangarang- Skrillex

Danza Kuduro- Don Omar

Untouched- The Veronicas

Stay- Kygo

And I have to admit, I run to Maroon 5’s Sugar for my warm-up and cool-down.

Forecast is saying it’ll be in the 50’s this weekend here in NJ. Finally, no more awkward sweating in below-freezing weather!

Happy running!