At least it isn’t Monday, right? Also, Planet Fitness rocks.

Hey everyone, hope your weekends were great!

Is anyone here a Planet Fitness enthusiast? For many years I was tentative about joining it because I was under the impression that, to be blunt, this isn’t a gym for people interested in fitness- it was for people interested in casually working out/maintaining their weight. So I never checked it out and completely dismissed the idea of paying only $10-20/month.

Fast forward to now. My boyfriend and I are looking for a gym that we can go together, considering that we want to motivate each other (super sappy, I know. I cringed writing that). So he suggested Planet Fitness and I was like ehhhh, why not. $10 bucks a month for cardio and some machines? Not a huge loss of money. So then we do some research and I begin to find out that for only $20 a month I can get FREE MASSAGING, HYDROTHERAPY, TANNING, AND PERSONAL TRAINING. ALL. FOR. FREE. (well, not “free”- the package is $10 more. But for anyone that’s ever paid for one [or all] of the things I just listed, you know that this is literally a gift. For years I paid for tanning packages once a year, right before a beach vacation to avoid burning, costing me at least $50 for the month!!). And shockingly, I saw some of the fittest people I’ve ever seen in my life there. Not to mention the atmosphere is AWESOME- PF created a really great culture, and everyone is super polite and encouraging.

Yes, they did take out their squat racks. Bummer, but Smith Machines are just as great for me, and I saw men that were probably as big as The Rock who were using these machines as well so I’m pretty sure everyone is capable of adjusting to a Smith Machine (especially if it saves so much money!). The machines are SO nice, and there are sooo many. They also have all these awesome circuit plans around the gym (which is 2  stories!!!) such as a 30 minute workout, and a 12 minute ab circuit. I don’t really take advantage of these because I do my own workouts, but I’m bringing my dad there for the first time today and he’s super stoked about using the 30 minute workout to start out with. I read a few articles about why people hate PF, and one person actually said that the fact that PF is purple and gold makes it not a real gym. How?? I don’t know. But it is. Go join it. Now.

Anyway, I finished up week one of my workout plan and I’m back into running!!!! No more injury pain for me! ALSO, I bought my first road bike this weekend! I’ll post some awesome pictures this upcoming weekend when I finally get to use it for an actual workout rather than just biking up and down my driveway with my dog following me. Here is how I’m looking:


I see no difference, and the angle of this picture actually makes me seem bigger in my opinion, but I couldn’t take another because someone walked in and I was too embarrassed to risk the chance of getting caught taking a mirror gym selfie. (This isn’t a weight-loss transformation, for anyone who’s just tuning it now. This is a runner trying to stop being “skinny-fat” and start being fit!)

Later on today I’ll be posting something cool that I created for my midterm project for a class. Stayed tuned 🙂

Also, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Ladies, use this day to remember how strong, smart, and beautiful you are. Men, use this day to make sure that women feel great everyday. 🙂

leslie knope.PNG


DAY 2!

Interested in my WOD today? Here it is!:
But first… I am in SO much pain from yesterday! I went from a solid 0 straight to 100 in terms of lifting. Struggling to walk. So a run is not happening… I did some light biking and might go on another bike later, but definitely need to work on mending these SORE muscles first! But not running on a treadmill today made me feel like this…:
I am going crazy waiting for it to be warm enough to run outside again!!!

Barbell Bench Press- Medium Grip

  • Muscle Targeted: Chest
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Smith Machine (The instructions said to use a barbell, but my gym only has a Smith Machine).
  • 5 sets of 12 reps, total of 60 reps

Triceps Pushdown

  • Muscle Targeted: Triceps
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Cable
  • 4 sets of 12, total of 48 reps

Cable Crossover

  • Muscle Targeted: Chest
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Cable
  • 4 sets of 12, total of 48 reps

Lying Triceps Press (in high school we called these Skull Crushers..)

  • Muscle Targeted: Triceps
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: E-Z Curl Bar
  • 4 sets of 12, total of 48 reps

Bosu Ball Push-Ups

  • Til failure
  • ****The plan called for medicine ball push-ups, but I am WAY too weak for that atm 😦

Is anyone interested in following some of these workouts? If so, I can post pictures / videos! is lifechanging! (I swear they didn’t pay me to say that)

Hey guys! How’s everybody doing? Today is my boyfriend’s 21st birthday (he is exactly 5 months younger than me!) and I’m looking forward to our first bar trip. However, he’s a fitness junkie like me so if we even make it to the bar we’ll probably order a beer and share it, hahaha (not because we are boring- I swear! We both just hate the taste!).

I’m a total research junkie (probably somehow related to the fact that I’m an avid researcher at school), and I decided I wanted to try out some supplements. Previously all I’ve ever taken is protein and I was SO nervous about expanding beyond protein because I really didn’t know how. Now, I can’t even imagine taking protein because I get so much protein in my meals. I feel like there’s a lot of people who take protein supplements but really have no need for it.Check this out if you’re unsure if protein powder is needed for you or not.

I started my supplement search on They have an AWESOME feature that helps you find a supplement plan that is tailored to your goals. I did some more research beyond the results I got here,  but 2/3 of my purchases were suggestions from here! I did research primarily on Amazon, but also by conducting some Google searches on the best products for women for specific types of products that fit my goals/interests.

Interested in what I purchased? Check out my list:


RSP Nutrition Quadralean

This was a suggestion from!”Formulated to increase endurance, build muscle, burn fat & recover faster.” I am extremely weak and I have ‘runner muscles’, so I struggle lifting and get sore SO EASILY. Also, as a runner, I’m at a pretty intense plateau for fat loss.


FitMiss BCAA

Are you a female looking to build some lean muscle? This might work for you! This will help raise your lifting potential while avoiding the “bulking” phase. I’m one of those people that bulk significantly easier than tone, no matter what I do, so this seems like a potential help for me! This also was a suggestion from

“There are nine essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture itself and must be consumed. Of those nine, L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, and L-Valine play a critical role in muscle development because they are metabolized in the muscle rather than the liver.”


And finally,


Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Please tell me I’m not the only one extremely intimidated by this. Finding a fat burner that I felt would work for me took A LOT of research and A LOT of patience, but I came across this one. It actually was voted to be the best fat burner for women, and doesn’t have those scary side effects like being jittery, increased heart rate at rest, etc. It has AMAZING reviews, and isn’t too expensive at all (and trust me, I’m the ultimate bargain hunter!). At $25 it’s a little more than I’d want to spend, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

Just PLEASE remember, these are tailored toward my goals and my body. I gain weight SUPER easily and when I lift I put on muscle in a way that I don’t like. I’ve always struggled with toning and so many people suggested I try supps but I refused for so long, and now I figured I have nothing to lose by giving it a try. Worst case scenario? It doesn’t work and I find another workout that’ll help me tone up and increase my running abilities.

Anyway, I’m off to go for a run and begin Day 2. Feeling SUPER sore, so right now I wish I was living the lifestyle of Phyllis…:


Wish me luck!

Have any workout/ supplement suggestions? I’d love to hear!!


I completed DAY 1 of my transformation and didn’t pass out! (Almost, though……). Today was leg day, and this is how I’m feeling right now….:

leg day

As a distance runner, my leg day has always consisted of 8+ mile runs. I’ve lifted before, but it was always for maintenance/strength rather than toning. My first year of college I was a D1 athlete, and although I had great access to top trainers, it was still strength-focused. I’m excited to start my first toning plan!

Interested in what I did that has me dying as I walk? Here’s my WOD (I promise I don’t do crossfit):

2 Miles @goal race pace

  • 7:55 splits, which is just slightly above my ultimate goal race pace (7:42.00), but below my expected race pace (which is 8:00.42)

Barbell Squat

  • Muscle Targeted: Quads
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Barbell
  • 5 sets of 12 reps: total of 60

Dumbbell Rear Lunge

  • Muscle Targeted: Quads
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Barbell (Accidentally misread and used a Barbell instead of a Dumbell!)
  • 4 sets of 12 on each side: total of 96

Single Leg Box Squat

  • Muscle Targeted: Quads
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: I used a bench!
  • 4 sets of 12 on each side

Plank With Band Row

*This is meant to be done with a partner, but since I don’t have one, I looped the band around a pole on a machine and it worked just as well!

  • Muscle Targeted: Middle Back
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Band, Exercise Mat
  • 3 sets of 10 on each side

Leg Raises

  • Muscle Targeted: Abs
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Your body!

And finally, everyone’s favorite…. Russian Twists

  • Muscle Targeted: Abs
  • Exercise Type: Strength
  • Equipment Type: Your body! And a medicine ball (I used 5 lbs, definitely could’ve done more.)

*Ran out of time, so later tonight after class I’ll be finishing up another 2 mile run. If I can stay awake that long….


Seems easy, right? Yeah, I thought so too, until I wanted to pass out mid-lunges. Keep in mind I’m your typical weak runner, so this is probably harder for me than it is for others who have more strength. Here’s a before pic:


I’m new to this whole “progress pic” thing, so I’m thinking I’ll prob post a progress pic every Monday. Is that reasonable, or is that too much? Anyway, day 1 down, 41 days to go! Hope some of you will join me!

Also, I stumbled upon this article today. I already knew what 5lbs muscle looks like compared to fat, but that pic NEVER gets old for me. Hope you all enjoy that article as much as I do, it’s quite the inspiration!

Well, it’s time for me to leave work and head out to 5 hours of class (as if Mondays already weren’t bad enough). Happy Monday/Leap Day running! Are any of you ladies proposing to your significant other today, Irish style?