Running Trivia Quiz Game!

Hello everyone!

First, I want to let you all know that I truly appreciate how many of you interact with me daily. I initially made this website just for a class assignment, but I really love it and won’t be stopping anytime soon. 🙂

Anyway, as all you college students know, it is now midterm time. For  my midterm in a class called Strategic Presentation (You can find more about the class HERE if you’re interested!), our assignment was to create some form of digital media (a gif, a movie, a podcast, a game…. anything!) and showcase it on our website.  Awesome, right? SO much better than taking an exam.

So I made a Jeopardy- style game. It focuses on running, fitness, and health. Try it out, and see how much you know!

And in case I haven’t convinced you to try it out yet, here’s a sneak peak:

Running Trivia!


Let me know how you do!