So it appears as if my mobile posts aren’t posting….

I was wondering why I’ve been having such little activity, but I haven’t been able to get on a computer for a few days and I’ve been posting solely from mobile- and NOTHING HAS POSTED. So this is how I’m feeling about that right about now…:


I’ve been posting some AWESOME recipes the past few days, so my posts haven’t been long. DON’T WORRY. I’ll be re-posting those recipes!!!

Remember how I told you all how I’ve been doing a fitness transformation? Well, I just started my third week… So the end of this week will mark my halfway point! I’ve got an update picture for you guys…. And I apologize in advance for how horrible of quality it is. I go to Planet Fitness instead of my work gym now, so I feel weird about taking pictures in a busy gym. Also, my apartment doesn’t have a single big mirror, and so I had to settle for the only big mirror in my parent’s house (I visited them yesterday).

The top picture is of my stomach ~3 weeks ago, which I didn’t want to post because I was embarrassed. Still kind of am, but my progress is making me feel better because I can see, and most importantly feel, a difference!




Now (Yes, my shirt says God Has a Man Bun. I bought it as a joke and now it’s my sleep shirt):


Clearly my workout plan is working out for me! I’ve made quite a few modifications, so it’s unlike the program you’ll see on their site. Anyone interested in my plan? I’ll post it here!

Funny story- I weighed myself two days ago and it told me I weighed 145 lbs… Which would be a 17 pound increase in 3 weeks. I immediately laughed and got off the scale. If that doesn’t prove to all of you that scales CAN be wrong, then nothing will!



Have I mentioned that I have a Twitter? Follow me at @SierraGratale! I mainly tweet and retweet stuff related to feminism and tech, but occasionally I’ll include some fitness stuff… The problem is, I don’t know any fitness influencers on Twitter. Any suggestions???