At least it isn’t Monday, right? Also, Planet Fitness rocks.

Hey everyone, hope your weekends were great!

Is anyone here a Planet Fitness enthusiast? For many years I was tentative about joining it because I was under the impression that, to be blunt, this isn’t a gym for people interested in fitness- it was for people interested in casually working out/maintaining their weight. So I never checked it out and completely dismissed the idea of paying only $10-20/month.

Fast forward to now. My boyfriend and I are looking for a gym that we can go together, considering that we want to motivate each other (super sappy, I know. I cringed writing that). So he suggested Planet Fitness and I was like ehhhh, why not. $10 bucks a month for cardio and some machines? Not a huge loss of money. So then we do some research and I begin to find out that for only $20 a month I can get FREE MASSAGING, HYDROTHERAPY, TANNING, AND PERSONAL TRAINING. ALL. FOR. FREE. (well, not “free”- the package is $10 more. But for anyone that’s ever paid for one [or all] of the things I just listed, you know that this is literally a gift. For years I paid for tanning packages once a year, right before a beach vacation to avoid burning, costing me at least $50 for the month!!). And shockingly, I saw some of the fittest people I’ve ever seen in my life there. Not to mention the atmosphere is AWESOME- PF created a really great culture, and everyone is super polite and encouraging.

Yes, they did take out their squat racks. Bummer, but Smith Machines are just as great for me, and I saw men that were probably as big as The Rock who were using these machines as well so I’m pretty sure everyone is capable of adjusting to a Smith Machine (especially if it saves so much money!). The machines are SO nice, and there are sooo many. They also have all these awesome circuit plans around the gym (which is 2  stories!!!) such as a 30 minute workout, and a 12 minute ab circuit. I don’t really take advantage of these because I do my own workouts, but I’m bringing my dad there for the first time today and he’s super stoked about using the 30 minute workout to start out with. I read a few articles about why people hate PF, and one person actually said that the fact that PF is purple and gold makes it not a real gym. How?? I don’t know. But it is. Go join it. Now.

Anyway, I finished up week one of my workout plan and I’m back into running!!!! No more injury pain for me! ALSO, I bought my first road bike this weekend! I’ll post some awesome pictures this upcoming weekend when I finally get to use it for an actual workout rather than just biking up and down my driveway with my dog following me. Here is how I’m looking:


I see no difference, and the angle of this picture actually makes me seem bigger in my opinion, but I couldn’t take another because someone walked in and I was too embarrassed to risk the chance of getting caught taking a mirror gym selfie. (This isn’t a weight-loss transformation, for anyone who’s just tuning it now. This is a runner trying to stop being “skinny-fat” and start being fit!)

Later on today I’ll be posting something cool that I created for my midterm project for a class. Stayed tuned 🙂

Also, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Ladies, use this day to remember how strong, smart, and beautiful you are. Men, use this day to make sure that women feel great everyday. 🙂

leslie knope.PNG



The past few days I’ve been trying to find a good bike, but I need some help. I bike very often but I’ve been mainly borrowing my friend’s mom’s bikes every single time. However, I’m moving soon and it’s about time I invest in my own.

I need a bike that’s good for mountain biking, but also can be used for some casual road biking as well. Is a hybrid bike suited for my needs, or should I buy two separate bikes?

There’s a bike store in my town, but I don’t want to be conned into purchasing an expensive bike that won’t actually be a good investment.

Oh, and I’m 5’2″ and ~125-130 lbs, if that is important information.

Any input from the gallery? Feel free to post some links and I’d love to check some out!


Thanks in advance to anyone who can be of help!

Did someone say sandwich?

I went to the gym during lunch and had full intentions to suffer through my run without headphones…. Until I saw the person directly behind the open treadmill, who just happened to me my boss. Can you blame me for not wanting to run in spandex directly in front of my boss?

Instead, I hit the bike. I LOVE biking, but I’m pretty terrible at it. I’m a big fan of trail biking. At least indoor cycling bikes are easier than biking outdoors. Biked 12 miles and feeling pretty okay.

Ready for the best part of this post? After lunch I headed to the cafe to get a salad to go with my Annie’s organic mac n cheese (which is my FAVORITE food), and instead wound up in the sandwich line. I created the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire life. Did you guys know that baked breaded chicken only has 18 more calories then grilled? Totally worth every calorie, in my opinion. Here’s my sandwich recipe today:

WW roll

Breaded chicken

1 piece Swiss cheese


Jalapenos (anyone else a spicy food lover? Forever wishing my job had spicier peppers. Jalapenos don’t cut it for me!)

And of course, pickles on the side.


HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK. Did anyone else have a lunch that was good enough to post about??