Shin splints…

Running in the rain

Rain runs are THE BEST. But unfortunately today I woke up with a painful case of shin splints. I have flat feet, so if I don’t run with almost perfect form then shin splits are almost inevitable. I had to stop running for over a year a couple of years back due to a nasty case of shin splits that caused bone splinters. I’ve been to doctors, athletic trainers, foot specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors… The list is endless, and I still manage to get shin splints every couple of weeks. My advice to all runners: the second you get shin splints, STOP RUNNING. I learned the hard way and continued to run through the pain, and now my shins constantly will be susceptible to it.

And if you’re currently a runner suffering from shin pain, first of all, I want to say I’m sorry- I feel  you! Keep up the cross training, and if you’re like me and biking/ellipticaling further irritates the pain, try swimming. Never did I think it was possible to sweat in the water until I started doing water workouts! Anyway, here’s some advice I found on Pinterest a while back for shin split stretching, and it makes a difference for me!

shin splits

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