Did someone say sandwich?

I went to the gym during lunch and had full intentions to suffer through my run without headphones…. Until I saw the person directly behind the open treadmill, who just happened to me my boss. Can you blame me for not wanting to run in spandex directly in front of my boss?

Instead, I hit the bike. I LOVE biking, but I’m pretty terrible at it. I’m a big fan of trail biking. At least indoor cycling bikes are easier than biking outdoors. Biked 12 miles and feeling pretty okay.

Ready for the best part of this post? After lunch I headed to the cafe to get a salad to go with my Annie’s organic mac n cheese (which is my FAVORITE food), and instead wound up in the sandwich line. I created the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire life. Did you guys know that baked breaded chicken only has 18 more calories then grilled? Totally worth every calorie, in my opinion. Here’s my sandwich recipe today:

WW roll

Breaded chicken

1 piece Swiss cheese


Jalapenos (anyone else a spicy food lover? Forever wishing my job had spicier peppers. Jalapenos don’t cut it for me!)

And of course, pickles on the side.


HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK. Did anyone else have a lunch that was good enough to post about??


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