Monday Run Day

monday run day.png

I could’ve have said it much better, Saucony (by the way, everyone should invest in the Saucony DryLete headband for winter runs. I’ve been through quite a lot of running headbands and this is the only one I haven’t ripped off mid-run due to sweat! Find it here.)

Although Friday I mentioned my weekend would consist of a 3 mile pace run and an 8 miler, I decided to change things up a bit because I feel I’m beginning to plateau. Instead, Saturday I ditched the 3 mile pace run and decided to do a 2 mile uphill run. I try to avoid these at all costs because the hill I run up makes me want to quit running, but I for the first time EVER in my 7+ years of running I was able to run up the entire hill (all 2 miles) without stopping once, and I even negative split as I continued up the hill. I averaged a pace of 8:34.

Sunday I skipped my run… And yes, I am hiding my face from embarrassment as I type this. It was a beautiful day out and I decided to take my newly adopted 6 month old puppy to the dog park instead. Seeing how happy he was there totally lessened my guilt from skipping my run. Maybe seeing these pictures will help you to understand how I was feeling:


My pup Ollie is the small tan one. This Great Dane is his best bud at the dog park. You’d be surprised to know that Ollie is actually ~35 pounds. Calvin makes him look like a tiny puppy!


After about 3 hours of running around Ollie came running over to me and laid down and it was obvious that it was time to hit the road. But as soon as I get him in the car I turn around and he’s giving me these eyes which are basically saying “but mommmmmm I don’t want to leave the dog park yettttt!”


And finally, this is us around 9 pm. Clearly the dog park takes all energy out of both of us.

Anyway, to make up for missing my 8 miler yesterday I decided to split up my run into 2 parts today (normally Mondays are my cross train/strength training days). During my lunch break I did a 4.5 miler and paced a 7:33. Haven’t paced that for a casual run in a while, but it definitely helped that half a mile was entirely downhill and I was able to FINALLY run outside during my lunch! Normally I’m confined to my job’s gym treadmill.


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