What am I thankful for today? Rest days.

Friday is my rest day, and normally I will switch my Friday and Sundays so I have off Sunday but this week I am falling asleep at my desk at work. It’s lunch time, and normally I’ d be utilizing the free gym but today I am finding it difficult to even get out of my desk to go buy some soup.

Anyway, since today is rest day, I’m touching up my running playlists. Tomorrow is a 3 mile race-pace run and Sunday is an LSD 8 miler so I need to make sure I have the right playlists for each!

Interested in a playlist that’ll make you PR  without even noticing? Here’s the playlist that works for me for my sub-7:30 mile days:

Riot- 3 Days Grace

Down with the Sickness- Disturbed

The Road- Asking Alexandria

Rise Up- Testament

4 Words (To Choke Upon)- Bullet for my Valentine

Supernova- The Devil Wears Prada

Becoming- Pantera

Duality- Slipknot

Papercut- Linkin Park

Undead- Hollywood Undead

Boneless- Steve Aoki

Kyoto- Skrillex

Psychosocial- Slipknot

Sparks (Cutmore Mix)- Hilary Duff

Clarity- Zedd

Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Get Up!- Korn

Bangarang- Skrillex

Danza Kuduro- Don Omar

Untouched- The Veronicas

Stay- Kygo

And I have to admit, I run to Maroon 5’s Sugar for my warm-up and cool-down.

Forecast is saying it’ll be in the 50’s this weekend here in NJ. Finally, no more awkward sweating in below-freezing weather!

Happy running!

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